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Jacket merch is one of the leading selling stores that deal with the best quality products. It provides highly efficient services for the customers that those who buy outfits from here become the fan of online selling store. Bomber Jackets are a perfect outfit in cozy weather as it is designed to wear equally for both of the genders. You can buy good bomber jackets from Alpha Industries, the company that began life-making fighter pilot jackets in World War Two. The brand makes authentic bomber jackets that are also durable and comfortable. The jackets merch is also dealing with the outfits that are prepared by Alpha industries.

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A Bomber Jacket is traditionally a short (waist-length) outerwear that has a gathered, ribbed waistband and matching cuffs. It has a zipper front and often has four functional pockets at the top and sides. Aside from leather, bombers are also made using Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton. Bomber jackets are season-friendly as you can carry them during winters and moderate weather conditions as well. some types of bomber jackets are good for winter. Winter-ready bombers include thick leather and nylon jackets, which are what pilots used when navigating harsh, cold conditions at high altitudes. Fall and spring bomber materials include polyester, suede, silk, and other thin fabrics. Bomber jackets women are still in style and are great to invest in now and know that you can continue to wear them for years to come. One unique thing that is adopted by industries while preparing Bomber jackets is that many jackets, both vintage and new, have pockets on one arm as well as a bright orange lining which originally served an important purpose: if the pilot is downed, they could turn the jacket inside out to be seen by rescuers. The most reliable stuff that is used in preparing these jackets is of outclassing quality. Your personality can easily be enhanced if you carry these bomber jackets up to the latest fashion trends.

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Materials used for Bomber  jackets:

Materials of the bomber jacket are continuously changed each season to bring unconventional styles that cater to customer’s needs. Not only do designers use leather and wool, but fabrics such as silk, neoprene, satin, and gauze are used. Decorative elements like ruffles, embroidered patchwork, lace-ups are also added to the bomber jackets, making them an essential fashion item that comes in a variety of colors, fabrications, and styles.

Bomber jackets originally appeared in a midnight blue hue, which was later switched to a sage green after the Korean and Vietnamese wars since it was easier for soldiers to camouflage themselves amongst the forests or countryside.


Alpha Industries makes the best bomber jackets for men. The company first produced bomber jackets for the U.S. air force during the second world war. They’ve now updated their design to match current trends while maintaining their excellent quality.