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Coolest Varsity Jackets for Men

Varsity jackets have always been a staple of American high school culture. And though they faded out for a few years, they have recently come back in and taken the fashion industry by storm by becoming a very popular fashion trend. All kinds and variations of varsity jackets and letterman jackets have become a mainstay and have been adopted by many streetwear, and luxury wear brands too.

Varsity Jackets That Deserve Your Attention

These are five amazing varsity/letterman jackets to consider getting right now.

An immaculate release by off-white, this varsity bomber jacket has a classic bomber jacket design with the signature off-white design stitched on both sides of the chest. This jacket is also cropped to add that extra dimension of style to your outfit while keeping things light.

Bring back the classic style of the 90s with this LA Orle varsity jacket for men. The clean beige paired with a shiny blue color really sends tribute to the streetwear of 90s Los Angeles.

Are you a fan of beer? Not just any beer, but authentic dark ales? Do you enjoy cracking open a cold one at a baseball game of your favorite team? This Mansfield baseball jacket is a classic that you can wear and rep your favorite kind of ale.

Ensuring comfort for their clothing is something that streetwear brands have adopted and have taken very seriously in recent years. To ensure that the customer keeps coming back for more and feels totally comfortable in not just the clothes that they are wearing but the image that they are portraying, streetwear brands go the extra step in ensuring comfort is a top priority for them.

As the fashion world has evolved, the need to include everyone has evolved too. Streetwear companies don’t just focus on one demographic or one particular kind of person anymore. They know the market, they know the demand, and they know they need inclusivity, which is why sizes are not something that you need to worry about.

This pristine LB 93 letterman varsity jacket is a must-have for you if you want a clean and bright look. The vanilla white primary color, combined with the rugged brown that highlights the quality of this jacket, is sure to catch some attention.

Celebrate the off-white brand with this black varsity jacket that highlights all classic signatures of the off-white brand. A sleek black with bright orange highlights makes this an extremely stylish jacket.

Streetwear brands, whichever brand they are, make sure that the fitting on their jackets is immaculate. They want to give their customers the best look and want to make sure that the customer gets the best experience possible, whether it’s with a baggy casual look or a smart slim-fit look.

Jackets aren’t supposed to be dull and/or monochromatic anymore. They used to be, but with the revival of 90s punk and alt-fashion styles, jackets have become something to be excited about once again. They aren’t just something you put over your outfit anymore when you are feeling cold. They are a part of the outfit fully.

If you are buying a luxury streetwear brand, then you are basically ensured the quality. Quality is the name of the game. Streetwear brands always go above and beyond with quality because they know that there is value in quality.

Get Your Jackets from Your Favourite Store!

Jackets aren’t a burden in an outfit anymore. They are something that enhances an outfit. They are there to keep you warm and catch attention at the same time. These varsity jackets will do that and make you look stylish. If you liked these trendy designs and want to grab any of these jackets for yourself, then now is the time. Grab them before they’re gone.